April 23, 2020

aspireMKTPLC: Refresh Your T-shirt Game While Rocking Words of Inspiration, Get Into This New Apparel Line…The Christian Dion Collection

Allow us to introduce you to our latest MKTPLC merchant, The Christian Dion Collection.



A man of humble beginnings, Christian Dion Price is a visionary with a master plan to use his clothing brand to leave an impact on people around the world by encouraging the meaning of values and giving back at the same damn time (10% of the profits generated will be donated to The American Cancer Society and The Wounded Warrior Project).


Price is an entrepreneur and serves the nation as a soldier in the U.S. Army, which has helped mold him into the disciplined man that he is today. And most importantly, Price is a father who is doing all the work now to leave a legacy behind for his son.


When did entrepreneurship become your calling?


“First things first, I believe that all things happen by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” His faith leads him in everything he does and he keeps this prayer top of mind “God, please show me the light on where I am supposed to go.”


That light led him to start his clothing line, along with a heavenly message from his late grandmother. His grandmother spoke to him and encouraged him to start his clothing brand.  She told him that it would be an uncomfortable journey. Some folks that wouldn’t agree with him.


The Christian Dion Collection is now an exclusive signature apparel line founded on six core values: Dignity & Respect, Character, Peace & Freedom, Relationships, Communication, Leadership & Success.



Why incorporate those values into a clothing line?


Price says that whether it was words read in poems from Maya Angelou or from captions on IG posts by Rob Hill Sr., he’s always felt that the words we use have meaning.




His mother survived physical, mental, and emotional abuse from his father. This childhood trauma forced him to sit down and reflect on the value of a person’s “character.”  It was this that caused him to allow his personal life to transpire into his professional life, stressing the importance of knowing where you stand as a person, much like the way you keep track of your credit score.


“It’s a lot like your credit score and since we spend a lot of time trying to build that up to the highest number possible, we should do the same when it comes to who we are.”


From here, he came up with phrases to describe the values he feels are most important.




When’s the first time you saw yourself reflected in the clothing industry?


“Wow, this is a great question,” said Price. “I have 3 instances.”


  1. Tracy Reese. His grandmother was always super into black-owned fashion and followed Reese’s career. “She would always have the Vogue magazines where Reese had her hand in stores like Anthropologie and Neiman Marcus with her bright designs.  Working with her someday would be a dream come true. She’s a powerhouse in the African-American community and fashion industry. ”
  2. Diddy. “In the ’90s, Sean John was one of the really big clothing brands taking over the industry and it was so dope seeing that come from a Black man.”
  3. Daymond John. Like many young adults in the late ’90s and early 2000s, Price gives a nod to F.U.B.U having a huge impact on his personal style. “For us, by us. I was driven simply by the meaning behind John’s brand from an early age.”



What’s next for Christian Dion?


“I want younger generations to see themselves reflected within the Christian Dion Collection and know that we are all different, but most importantly, we all ought to stand for something.”


Price has a little less than 3 years left in the army and he plans to be a fashion mogul and powerhouse in the Black community.


“I want my brand to continue to be a place where values merge with style.”



Here’s how you can get your hands on the latest merchandise from the Christian Dion Collection now on the aspireMKTPLC:



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    July 7, 2020

    Was trying to buy from thos site . I found it very difficult. There’s no shopping cart or anything


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