CARRA Hosiery (“CARRA”) is a luxury hosiery boutique based in the Washington, DC area. Christi Hairston, Designer & Founder turned her love for hosiery into a company of her own in memory of her late sister Carra Lavonne. Carra was a fashionista before her time and our products serve not only as a legacy to her impeccable style but a brand that is changing the perception of hosiery.

Our mission is to reshape the way the modern day woman wear hosiery and eliminate the longstanding stigma associated with women going commando. CARRA’s patented hosiery design of high quality is sustainable and fashion forward and proudly made in the U.S.A.

This upscale brand offers comfort, style, and sophistication. CARRA Hosiery uses the finest fabrics and ensures a hygienic life style when wearing our legwear that is both environmentally friendly and safe. We continually strive to create legwear and socks that are modern, attractive, and affordable.

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