“Deux Lunes” is French. Means: Two Moons, Twin Moons, Two Full Moons.

Saran Traore, Founder and Director of Business Development & Operations for Deux-Lunes very much wanted something of her own. Leveraging her network,  partnered with Jina Jackson, Creative Director & Product Development, who has a passion for makeup and connects to the pain points of the target audience for Deux- Lunes. Created in 2017, they searched for lipstick and lipgloss formulas that are true and worthy of hard-working, talented, ambitious, and sometimes disenfranchised women (we call our customers and partners Star Beauties). Deux-Lunes launched two years later, in 2019, a testament to the commitment to authentic, healthy, and quality exterior products that embolden all those who use them.  In true DLB nature, the moon shines, and “its power is never diminished.” Saran and Jina represent all the possibilities that the power of the moon has to offer. Saran’s methodical strategic and business planning skills paired with Jina’s industry and passion for product procurement  have made these two partners the true reason and embodiment of the strength of “two moons.”

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