Europe, Africa, Asia, America…women of color are everywhere. No matter where we are the diversity of our hairstyles symbolize individual expression, and we celebrate that.

For years, women of color have struggled to find the right hair tools to cater to the diversity of our hairstyles. EZ Scratch s co-founder Rose Rice’s personal frustration came about while wearing hair extensions. At the time there was no product on the market that made it possible to scratch the scalp under layers of extensions. This left her searching for a solution to an extremely frustrating problem. Rose Rice later met Deon Cole and the two came together and created EZ Scratch.

They were the very first to successfully invent and nationally distribute a scalp scratcher that will work with layers of extensions and work with intricate natural hairstyles without creating frizz or messing up your hairstyle. EZ Scratch is a totally new category of scalp scratchers: for protective & natural hairstyles that’s sold nationwide. Not only is it cute & compact but its also the safest Hair tool on the market to accomplish these tasks. This one hair tool can be used with both protective & natural hairstyles so you get more use for your money.

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