Invested AF® is The Empowerment Planner™ that was created to increase self-awareness, maintain connectedness to your tribe, ensure productivity and accountability while reaching for and attaining your personal goals.

  • Quarterly S.M.A.R.T.E.R Goals: To propel your goal setting from ideation to execution and a S.M.A.R.T.E.R Goals checklist.
  • Financial Breakdowns: To assist with savings and credit.
  • Weekly Actionable AF™ Sheets: 7 days that prompt you to take action everyday whether it’s to touch-base with someone, celebrate yourself, speak things into existence and prevent procrastination.
  • Vision Board Sheets: To add images and phrases.
  • 12 Monthly Tabs: Double sided with thought provoking questions, money saving tips, acknowledgement prompts and etc.
  • Monthly at A Glance: Snapshot of each month.
  • Double Sided Pocket: To hold business card, mail, pictures and etc.
  • Can’ Post This to Do List: A place to keep your random tasks and notes instead of miscellaneous envelopes and papers.
  • Soul Exploration: 12 questions to help you dig a little deeper to find your purpose.

    Lynda Potter

    Sure wish I could get this planner. I’m not sure it is real.

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    Jacqueline Culbreth

    I purchased a planner for myself and my grandson saw it and loved it! He is financially aggressive with savings. He loved it so much I gifted it to him and he can’t wait for the 2021 planner to be released.

    It is real and the product is wonderful. I am going to order one for myself…again!

    I love the product!

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