New Heritage, originally founded in 1988 by fashion designers Cynthia Belinda Wells Jones & Rodney Jones, was a popular street wear brand in the 90’s. Known for its bold graphic’ designs on sweat gear, t-shirts and snap hats. New Heritage showcased appreciation of African American culture and promoted Black Awareness.

New Heritage gained a following by figures in the entertainment industry such as Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, and the Wayans Brothers. With the brand’s awareness on the rise, New Heritage began being featured on television shows such as Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Martin, The Bill Cosby Show, Living Single and Living Color. Current owner, Tamira Wells is the niece of the two late founders and always admired the work of her aunt and uncle and the company they managed to create. She aspires to continue their legacy by inspiring us all to know and ultimately build your own heritage from generation to generation while sharing the rich and cultural history of the brand.


    Sandra Evans

    NICE!!! So how can I pirchase and what’s the price.
    Please be affordable….Please🏆

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