Family-owned business manufacturing hot and spicy sauces. 

Noubess Original Hot and Spicy Sauce: 

A balance of fresh chopped chilis, fresh parsley,  fresh garlic, and the smokey taste of cumin makes this a much more versatile condiment than the usual vinegar-based chili sauces out there.

Serve our Hot and Spicy Sauce as a dip or on the side for those who want to add an extra spicy kick to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Customers rave it’s the best all-around condiment they’ve tasted.

✓ Gluten-Free

✓ Additive Free

✓ Zero Thickeners

✓ Preservative Free

✓ Vegan


Use as hot sauce, marinade, spread or dipping sauce. Perfect for seafood, poultry, and meat. And let’s not forget egg dishes. Just a small amount in the pan before adding your egg mixture and you have a delicious breakfast – hold the salt and pepper, please!

Refrigerate after opening

No MSG, No Artificial Flavors, No Fillers, and No Preservatives

Size: 9 oz

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