Radical Dreams is a socially conscious accessory brand that was founded in 2015 by a Shannon P., a Black medical student with a passion for social justice and serving the community.

Our Founder’s interest in lapel pins began in the summer of 2015, but soon after, she noticed that there was lack of diversity among pin creators and the subjects of the pins themselves. Lapel pins can be used as a fashion accessory, an ode to a popular artist, character, or brand, or even to showcase a well-known meme. However, there was a lack of pins that showcased Black people or made social statements. Thus, Radical Dreams was created. Our products are based on social justice statements, positive messages, and prominent figures in Black culture. In addition, all products benefit good causes. A portion of all proceeds is donated to a community organization or initiative.

Overall, we want to change the world, one pin at a time.


    B Malik

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    How do I order

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