We believe Health, Wealth, Freedom & Legacy are our birthright. By offering life-changing products and an innovative business, we empower people to elevate to their full potential.

Akanna means “In the Hands of God.” From its beginnings, Akanna has been driven and inspired by powerful energy. This dynamic team’s business acumen and relentless drive allowed them to create a multi-million dollar cannabis CBD company in a few short months. In 2021 they introduced the Flat Belly Lifestyle, expanded their product line to include weight loss and detox products, and started their wellness coach certification program. In 2023, Akanna added its travel membership and forex/crypto training program.

Akanna has an innovative, dynamic, diverse, and experienced team dedicated to changing lives worldwide. They provide an opportunity to own a fully equipped online wellness dispensary empowering individuals to participate in the trillion-dollar wellness and travel industry and the massive financial sector with revenues in the quadrillions.

Under the direction of the executive team, Akanna creates some of the highest-quality products in the world. By focusing on industry staples and the hottest trends like CBD, weight loss, travel, and forex, they’re well-positioned to become a dominant player in the home-business arena. Even more, they aim to ensure long-term success and financial stability. And better yet, they are destined to make a global impact around the world.

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