WUNDERgrubs was founded to combat environmental issues and food scarcity. It is an agtech start-up that grows and sells high-quality, food-grade insect protein to be used as food for human consumption, feed for fish and livestock, and fertilizer for soil. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the company is implementing data-driven design, semi-automation, and IoT (Internet-of-Things) technology to build sustainable farms. WUNDERgrubs aims to make food-grade grubs widely available and affordable by licensing its insect farm technology and creating a social franchise of small grub farms.

WUNDERgrubs produces and sells protein and snack products made from grubs. The company’s first products are cookies made from milled grub flours. WUNDERgrubs sources its grubs from domestic and home farms where grubs are fed organic food scraps with no water. While initially focused on its cookies, the company plans to develop and sell other grub-based products such as protein powders, whole roasted protein snacks, and natural compost.

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