March 26, 2020

AspireMKTPLC: Ready to Manifest The Life You Truly Want? Learn How Nickia Williams Created The Invested AF Empowerment Planner!

Meet Nickia Williams, the mastermind behind Invested AF The Empowerment Planner, now available on the aspireMKTPLC. Williams hopped on the phone to discuss what it means to walk in your purpose, help others along the way, and manifest the life you truly want.

How exactly did she turn her passion into a paycheck?

Williams always had a love for journals and planners which is why she purchased one whenever she ran across them. She bought what she thought was the perfect planner, but you know what they say- everything that glitters isn’t gold. And in this case, it was just a little too much glitter inside her newly purchased planner.


After calling her cousin to voice frustration over the purchase, Williams just made her own. Little did she know it, the seed for creating Invested AF was born!


What inspired Invested AF?

“A solo trip to LA for a Stevie Wonder concert.” That’s right, in true millennial fashion, Williams purchased a single ticket to the Stevie Wonder concert,  an artist she has always wanted to see live, packed a bag and set off to LA where she crashed with a friend.


Now if that isn’t inspiring enough?! Williams arrived at the concert, and while waiting outside for her friend to grab her belongings, a woman blessed her with a free ticket for her friend.


She had the time of her life and left inspired by Stevie’s performance and his story time with fans. “If this man who’s never seen anything in his life could create all of this stuff for people- it’s no reason that I can’t,” said Williams. She stayed a few extra days in LA with her friend to reflect and get her project started!

How did Invested AF help Nickia “stay on her shit”?

Fast-forward to 2017, Williams went and printed her own personal journal titled “Fuck Shit Up In 2017.” People were always asking if she sold them –  her response, “one day I will.”


The power of manifestation is real because that day came and now her trademarked planners, “Invested AF” have sold out in less than a day.


“I was like Master P selling those CDs out of the trunk… except with my planners,” said Williams. She really put her hustlin’ spirit to use and sold her planners everywhere, even while at Carnival in Trinidad.




Now when she’s not creating journals, you can catch her on the set of shows like VH1’s Black Girl Beauty ensuring that faces are beat for the Gods!


Looking to uplift others as she knocks out her goals, Williams, a make-up artist, also provides prom make-up to young girls from her hometown.


“On the ride back to New York I had butterflies in my stomach from being able to give back to those girls. I was so excited that I began to wonder if this was my purpose,” said Williams.


“This did more for me than it did for them,” Williams connected with the counselor at the school and created Promgress, a nonprofit dedicated to providing resources to young girls from underrepresented areas so they can dream BIG!”


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Decided to pay myself to do my makeup since all productions were put on hold. 😂🖤 . . I also was having a party (playing Danny Glover in that moment) and really dancing because I will dance ANYWHERE and ANYTIME. . . Yesterday I called my mom to thank her because I’ve been training for this my entire life by being her only child. I had all the toys (and still do now) I needed in my room and would only come out for the bathroom and food (because my mom wouldn’t buy me a mini fridge 🙄😂). . . Anyhoo, happy social distancing and I’ll see y’all outside in like August. 😂😓😩 Ensure y’all are perfecting your craft, reading books, turning the fuck up, washing your hands and staying safe. 🖤✨💁🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️💋 . . . #beautybynwa #beauty #beautyinfluencer #makeup #glam #makeupforblackwomen #worldwideweez #investedaf #quarantine #rona #mua #makeupartist #freelance #freelancemua

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What’s next for the Nickia Willams brand?

“In the long run, I want to expand Invested AF because of the amazingness that it is,” said Williams. “People have told me that they’ve been able to execute and bring their goals to life because of my planner and this is just a great motivator for me to keep going.”


When it comes to makeup, she’s exploring creating her own line of skincare/makeup products because she loves making people feeling beautiful.


“Lastly, I want to secure a grant and increase funding for Promgress.” Her goal is to provide girls with new experiences and even getting them passports to travel the world and see life outside of Pittsburgh.


You can support this BOSS-ome woman and get your life together with Invested AF on the aspire MKTPLC  here!

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