February 22, 2019

Design Like Nikki – Enrollment Now Open For “Design Mecca”

Unboxed With Nikki Chu | Color Theory | Designer Insights

Design Mecca Society is a part of the revolutionary online education movement developed for like-minded entrepreneurs, who are seeking expansion and want to connect with a growing community of creative thinkers.


Our mission is to engage, enable emerging talent, and educate the next generation about the power and importance of a proper business foundation. In our forum we offer; downloadable contracts and forms, webinars, bonus modules with celebrity designers, discount incentives with trade partners, live events, trend boards with products and shopping curated specifically for our members. We have affiliations with top brands and companies that offer our students discounts and tools needed to professionalize their processes and sell their services with confidence.

Learn From Home – Set Your Own Schedule

Design Mecca Education has developed a cutting edge virtual learning experience. These foundational and business strategy courses are designed to provide tools and knowledge to succeed in the design industry. This course works for individuals who don’t want to take the traditional route of multi-year programs and high tuition costs. Our students will receive powerful insight, targeted homework, downloadable contracts and proprietary knowledge needed to take the lead in the design industry.

Our valuable content starts with 12 incredible modules that include; Step by step informational videos on “How to build a successful design career” from our expert instructors.

We provide you with a roadmap to lead you to reach your design destination goals. And with our certification, talented individuals will turn their dreams into a profitable reality.

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